Carpet Remnants: Their Uses and Benefits

If you’re looking to re-carpet a room or create a new area rug, but don’t have much money to spend on new carpet, then  cheap carpet seattle might be just what you need. These individually wrapped, quality segments of carpet can be used to brighten your living environment and make your home more comfortable – while saving money!

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What is a Remnant?

Carpet remnants are the pieces of carpet that are left after a majority of the carpet roll has been used up. Any sizeable amount of carpet remaining is bundled up and sold at a great discounted price. Carpet remnants are normally still great quality, in perfect shape (unused) and can come in wide variety of sizes.

What Can You Use Remnants For?

Remnants can be used to carpet individual rooms if you are able to find a remnant large enough for the room. One of the great benefits to using remnants of carpet is that they are far less expensive and can help you get quality carpet that still fits within a small budget.

Carpet remnants can also be used to create unique and elegant area rugs. These rugs can be used to accentuate and brighten a room’s environment. Remnants that are resized should be properly cut, tapped, and edged so as to protect them from fraying over time.

Buyers in the Seattle, Kirkland, or Everett areas that are considering carpet remnants can find a broad selection of competitively priced remnants at Remnant King Carpets.

Benefits of Remnants

As stated earlier, remnants certainly have their uses. They are also usually priced far cheaper than a section of the original roll would have cost, so you can end up saving money on your carpet.

An additional benefit when purchasing remnants is that you spend less time waiting for your carpet. If you discover a remnant that you absolutely love, you can pay for it right there and walk out of the store with it. Purchasing carpet off the roll could require special orders or waiting to have your carpet cut and transported to your home. Instead, remnant purchases can be quick and easy!

Finally, because most carpet retailers have a wide and regularly fluctuating variety of carpeting options, it means that your chances of finding a piece that fits your style and budget are great!

Working With a Remnant Carpet Supplier

A problem that buyers can run into is that at many retailers, remnants are not adequately labelled. This makes it difficult for buyers to know the type, materials, and quality of the remnant.

This why it is a good idea to have talk to a skilled and trustworthy salesperson that can give you knowledgeable information regarding the style and quality of your remnant selection – something our team at Remnant King Carpets loves to do for our clients!

Buy Remnant Carpets in Seattle:

Remnant King Carpets supplies flooring and carpeting products throughout Seattle, Kirkland, and Everett. If you would like to inquire about our remnant or carpet selection, feel free to give us a call or stop by one of our locations to see our carpet remnant selection.

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